What we do

What we do

What we do

The H2Verde company is the national pioneer of green hydrogen – the energy vector of the future. We are a technology-based company specializing in structuring, developing and implementing green hydrogen production plants both in our own and third-party facilities. Our plants are always located close to consumption areas.

H2Verde produces green hydrogen from floating solar energy, a renewable energy source that contributes to the responsible use of water in its production. In addition, our innovative method uses technology that uses water, a carbon-free source, to carry out electrolysis, that is, a completely clean process.

Technological advances have allowed, in recent years, a strong growth in renewable energies.

But solar modules and wind turbines are still not able to decarbonize all sectors of the economy. This is where green hydrogen comes in, with the potential to reduce the carbon footprint in critical activities such as:

Transport of heavy loads

Urban mobility

Mining and steel industry

Fertilizers for agribusiness

Cement Industry

Synthetic fuels


Brasil: +55 61 3256 9468
e-mail: luiz.filho@h2verde.com

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Portugal: +351 938 074 432
e-mail: luiz.filho@h2verde.com

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