UN 2030 SDG

Our commitment to society goes beyond offering a sustainable alternative to fuels. We want to build a better future, decarbonizing the environment and contributing to a fairer and more equal society. In this way, the Sustainable Development Goals guide all our actions, from conception to execution of services.

Ensuring access to reliable and sustainable energy is what we do every day. Green hydrogen, in addition to being used as a mechanism to store CLEAN ENERGY, also mitigates the seasonality of renewable sources, making them more ACCESSIBLE. Green hydrogen offers a clean alternative to the everyday land and sea mobility of people and goods creating MORE SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES. This vector is an indispensable component of the low carbon economy.

H2Verde works with commercial and large scale plants, always close to the cities where they will be used, promoting the decentralization of the energy matrix in several states and bringing a clean and accessible energy vector to the population.

The green hydrogen plants are installed on the partners’ land, providing a clean and renewable energy vector for their own use, generating a sustainable supply chain uniting INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE. In addition, green hydrogen can be used as an input for various industries as a substitute for fossil fuels, electricity, coal, and gas, in addition to enabling the decarbonization of sectors such as the cement industry, refineries, steel, mining and many others .

In terms of INNOVATION, our commitment is to offer and promote disruptive renewable energy solutions. In addition to having a team exclusively dedicated to monitoring and testing new technologies, we also lead research and development projects in various INDUSTRIES.

A crucial advantage of green hydrogen is that it requires few natural resources and therefore has a very small environmental footprint compared to its competitors. The construction of a plant producing green hydrogen does not require excavation, deforestation, earthworks and does not use so many tools and heavy equipment, preserving TERRESTRIAL LIFE and mitigating ACTION AGAINST GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.


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