Company Hotline

Company Hotline

The Company Hotline is intended to receive internal and external complaints regarding non-compliance with the Code of Conduct, internal Policies and Procedures, corruption practices, fraud and irregularities that damage H2Verde’s assets, reputation and image.

To facilitate the communication and proper handling of such concerns, H2Verde establishes and promotes confidential, trustworthy, impartial, and hierarchically independent communication channels.

All reported facts will be investigated, independently and impartially, and, if proven, appropriate disciplinary measures will be implemented, in addition to the sanctions provided for by law.

The individual’s anonymity, the confidentiality of the information presented, in full and permanently (except for those where there is a legal obligation to inform the government authorities), is ensured, as well as the non-retaliation to the individual (provided they are not involved).

Anonymous Report

Send your report anonymously, if you would like a reply from H2Verde, please inform us your contact information, which will remain completely confidential. *